Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We From Dallas Hip-Hop Documentary Trailer: Watch Now

We From Dallas' is a locally produced documentary covering the rise and history of hip-hop culture in Dallas,Tx. For inquiries contact: wefromdallas@gmail.com Media 13 in association with Rec Shop and Poor Vida productions presents 'We From Dallas' a locally produced documentary covering the rise of hip-hop culture in Dallas, TX. For the first time, all the architects of Dallas hip-hop are brought together in a feature length documentary to speak on their music, their scene, their fans, and their city. From the early days of KNON radio, to the golden era of Deep Ellum, and the rise of southern rap culture, we speak to the national hero's and local legends that made it all possible: dj's, producers, emcees, b-boys, graffiti artists... no stone is left unturned. Screenings for the ground breaking film will be late Summer 2013, with expectations of a late 2013/2014 festival circuit run. Executive Producer - King Hollis Executive Producer - John Huffman IV Director - Teddy Cool Co-Producer - Joel Salazar Co-Producer - Islam Sesalem
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