Tuesday, May 08, 2012

R.I.P. To My Friend & GYLO's Cousin KEViN WEATHERSPOON


Man this is so sad and i know alot of people say this but Kevin was a good dude for real man straight up good kind soul. He use to do Monologues and acting and his life was taken from us yesterday and the weird thing about it is for some strange reason me & Tahiti was just talking bout him yesterday evening & i havent seen him in a few years and then after me & GYLO got back from Wal Mart Sarah Layton his cousin sends GYLO the news man to all my brothers & sisters out there please take care of yourself and let go of that petty stuff. And for those who may not know in my DRAKE FEAR PEMiX i used a portion of one of Kevin's Monologues i did this back in November of 2009 its @ the 3:58 mark thats Kevin in the White Shirt when i hosted the open mic Night @ Sankofa back in 2008 Kevin came thru and performed some of his monologues. Kevin Studied Theater Performance @ Northern Arizona College and leaves behind a long list of family friends, relatives and love ones. And will not be forgotten.


Rare Video Of KEViN Doing a Monologue from 2008

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