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The MTV News RapFix & Sway Calloway Dallas Trifecta PiKaHsSo ViciousCycle & J_Rhodes 


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That's right The Dallas Texas underground hiphop scene has been placed in the national spotlight 3 times this year courtesy of the new groundbreaking show MTV New RapFix Live with Host the legendary Sway Calloway of the Wake up show. The whole mission of this show is to interview the hottest major mc's and lyricst in the rap game every week on and Sway being the musical mastermind he is found a way of giving back by having a segment during this highly popular show called Get In The Game Where the major artist who are booked on RapFix Live take a listen to a video from an up & coming artist in the game. And that's where PiKaHsSo, Vicious Cycle, & J.Rhodes come in to this lovely and vivid picture. All 3 of these artist where featured on MTV News Rapfix Get in the Game Segment but the beauty of it all is that they all hail from Dallas, Texas a city not primarily known for birthing emcees. 

The last & most prominent mc from Dallas that is know world wide for his lyrical prowess is none other than Dr. Dre protege The D.O.C. who's from West Dallas and not to be looked over for her lyrical skills neo soul Queen Erykah Badu. I took it upon myself as an elder statesmen of the Dallas underground hiphop scene to let the world know our contributions, to let the people see that Dallas does have a viable and potent underground scene that has been ignored and shall be heard. Now im by no means a professional writter im just a eccentric artist from the Dallas metroplex who has a love you could never fathom for my city and this is my way of showing some of that love. So excuse the gramatical errors and misspellings and just feel the vibe of what is some of what Dallas Texas underground music scene has to offer. Trust me theres more where this came from and I speak on behalf of my homegirls Mo Ney Stax & Neeky Devero of Vicious Cycle and my lil homie J.Rhodes when I say MTV News, Rapfix Live, Sway Calloway Jenny & the entire MTV staff you have no idea how much we thank you for this. And you have no idea what you've done for our city & to be honest it's a shame that it takes someone from another place who really doesnt know us to help shed light upon this heat we bringing.

1.MTV RapFix Live Dallas Trifecta Artist PiKaHsSo 

PiKaHsSo is one of the most recognized names in the Dallas underground hiphop scene known for his innovative & awkward style of rap music he's coined as BrainPhunk because of the elements of harmonies layered with intricate rhyme patterns and detailed rhyme cadence. PiKaHsSo was on the MTV New RapFix Live on Thursday September 16th 2010 with Sway Calloway & Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous & the irony of that is PiKaHsSo also goes by PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks they introduced the world to PiKaHsSo's P-00 Video the song is called P-00 or Phundred because PiKaHsSo is lyrically comparing himself to Leonidas in the hit movie 300 he's lyrical a gladiator who's mission is to slay emcees.

The PiKaHsSo P-00 Video was directed by Walter Archey aka Tahiti & Co-Directed by Marcellus Suber & PiKaHsSo

PiKaHsSo's P-00 on MTV News RapFix Live Get In The Game Segment

MTV News RapFix Live Sway Calloway & Def Jam Recording Artist Fabolous Discussing PiKaHsSo's Rap Style

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2. MTV RapFix Live Dallas Trifecta Artist Vicious Cycle (Mo Ney Stax & Neeky Devero)

Vicious Cycle a duo which consist of two of the illest femcees that you will ever hear embrace a mic device these two have been bring heat to the Dallas Underground hiphop scene
for years and finally are getting heard for the lyrical skills they have. Vicious Cycle has some of the sickest word play and flows you will ever hear and they're letting the world know that female emcees or femcees can bring it to their male counterparts. And trust me when I tell you this these two are no joke they where featured on MTV News RapFix Live Get In The Game On Thursday November 18th 2010 with Sway Calloway & his special guest GOOD Music Recording Artist Pusha T Of The Clipse watch below to see what Pusha a dope lyricist in his own right had to say about two of the dopest female emcees the world is about to know Vicious Cycle

The Vicious Cycle "You People" Video directed by Jeff Adair films

Vicious Cycle's "You People" on MTV News RapFix Live Get In The Game Segment

Sway Calloway & GOOD Music Recording Artist Pusha T talking about Vicious Cycles music 

editors note I couldnt find the portion of Pusha T talking about Vicious Cycle on MTV's Site so i uploaded it to my Vimeo Profile what Pusha T said was so potent i had to let the world hear it.

Click Here To Read the write up on Vicious Cycle on MTV's RapFix BLOG courtesy of D.L. Chandler

3. MTV News RapFix Live Dallas Trifecta Artist J.Rhodes 

J.Rhodes is the last piece to this Trifecta when you hear J.Rhodes spit the 1st thing that stands out is his deep down south Drawl he I like to call him the Baby Bavu Blakes because they booth utilize that deep baritone flow & have such a distinct dope southern flow. J.Rhodes is a hustler, a businessman, producer & father & has one hell of a team behind 80's Baby Ent. He was featured on MTV News RapFix Live on Thursday December 9th 2010 with Mississippi Rap Legend & Universal Records Recording Artist David Banner of Crooked Lettaz & The infamous super producer from North Carolina 9th Wonder of Little Brother this was a very dope episode of RapFix Live & you really have to see the excitement & advice they offer Dallas Texas upcoming emcee J.Rhodes. J.Rhodes is a name you will be hearing making noise around the industry real soon. And once you hear the music to J.Rhodes "Hello" single it will be stuck & ringing in your heads for hours trust me it's catchy.

J.Rhodes "Hello" video on MTV New RapFix Live Get In The Game Segment +Sway Calloway with Universal Recording Artist David Banner & super producer 9th Wonder discussing J.Rhodes music

Click Here to peep the nice write up on J.Rhodes on MTV News RapFix Live BLOG by D.L. Chandler

MTV News, Sway Calloway & RapFix Live this is the begining of a long Hello & we want You People to know that this RapFix P-iece needs to be viewed over a Hundred times so please do us a favor & help PiKaHsSo paint the world a pikture of the lovely Dallas underground hiphop scene so we can stop this Vicious Cycle thats happening to dope artist down here & i promise you we will be singing happy songs like a J. Bird as we ease on down that Rhode to happiness and noteriety. 

Yours Truly
PiKaHsSo allen Poe
The Amercian Wierdo

PS I am not a english major nor am i a professional journalist so you're probably gone see alot of stuff that makes you cringe but know it comes from the heart of a man who gives a damn any english majors reading this feel free to step up and edit it until then It goes out from the heart and you never go wrong like that.

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Wednesday December 15th 2010
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