Friday, April 05, 2013

As Of Today BMWB Will Post Every Episode Of The @STARANDBUCWILD SHOW 4/4/2013

And the reason why is i love that real shit, i love to hear people who don't bite they tounge i remember down here in Dallas i was doing that kinda stuff people was all sensitive & wanna fight man we need this in this corny entertainment industry. No im not riding Stars nuts i just happen to relate to his views on life not all of them but alot of them it dont matter which one. I been following Star & Buc Wilds movement for a very long time and its time to get it down to all the people i know down here in Dallas. Now i still do my own thang please make no mistake about it i dont need no love i dont kiss ass i dont need no shout outs i just won't u to respect my mind...


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