Monday, April 23, 2012

Rest iN Peace DFW Blues Legend Pops Carter


Rest in peace to a DFW icon repping Denton, Tejas this is very sad know & respect your history. i will be dedicating our DFW Hiphop History Facebook page to him. CLicK HERE to peep


This article by Robert Wilonsky Dallas News

The emails and Facebook messages began trickling in early this morning with the sad news: Pops Carter is dead. The Louisiana-born bluesman -- or soul man or, perhaps most appropriately, funkmonster -- was 92. But, of course, those who saw him perform 'round town, in Denton and Dallas and points in between, knew him to be an ageless wonder. Here he is performing at his 90th birthday party; men half his age couldn't keep up, and shouldn't even bother trying.

He was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and, so the story goes, moved to Houston when he was 12, where he began performing with the big bands and in time the small revues. Close to 40 years later he landed in Denton, thanks to a construction job, and stayed. He would play with legends and comers alike -- anyone capable of a good time. In time he became as integral to Denton's music scene as the B flat; the short doc above, made by Ashley Beane and Rachel Horvath in 2008, will give you some sense why.

The first time I really experienced Carter was at Fry Street Fair in '94, a performance immortalized on long-out-of-print collection released on VIP Records out of Denton; he fit right in amongst the likes of Earl Harvin, Kenny Withrow, Funland, Vibrolux and the Grown-Ups -- kids who rocked, but not quite as hard as the old man who showed them how to get it done. On his Facebook page this morning, KXT's Paul Slavens, himself a mighty musical force. offers this touching farewell: "Pops. Another little bit of my old Denton world has passed onto the next world. He was making the scene and hitting on young things last time I saw him, which was not that long ago. You touched a lot of peoples hearts, mine included. Rest easy, man."

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