Saturday, March 10, 2012

♒ Throwback Theater 25 Biggie Smalls Craig Mack Interview By Starvyn Artist 1994


Alot of people may have forgot but back in the early 90's A group of emcees & writters was doing big things in the DFW Music Scene and they were called the Starvyn Artist not only did they rap they had a underground magazine which was the pulse of the streets. Starvyn interviewed everyone from Outkast, to Guru, Master Ace but one that sticks out the most is when they interviewed the legendary Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls with Craig Mack back in 1994 at the Arista BMG Dallas Office Branch.

At the time they Biggie & Craig Mack was both on the road together as the Big Mack Promo tour they had their demos in a Big Mac package like the kind you get from Mac Donalds. Starvyn Artist which consisted of Aziz, James Shepherd, PiKaHsSo, Brian Berry, Michael Bailey, Vernon Norris, Anwar, Swiss Da Big Cheese & Kevin had no idea at the time that they where interview one of the humans who grew to be one of the biggest icons & hiphop.

Now 17 years later on the eve of Biggies 15 year anniversary of his untimely death PiKaHsSo is revealing to you the people of the world Part 1 of that behind the scene footage of that interview with Craig Mack & Biggie together this footage has never been scene before and was done by some creative hiphoppers from Dallas, Texas who dare to be noticed and where on a mission to change the world and set trends.

The interview conducted by Starvyn Artist Members: James Shepherd, and Big Aziz aka The Madhatter

Enjoy this Part 2 Will Be Coming Soon

PS: PiKaHsSo Found this footage in a old trunk he's been having since the 90's its hard to believe that the old Tape still plays perfectly and was in mint condition

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