Sunday, March 04, 2012

Help Legendary Musician Lester Chambers Get His Royalties


If you feel moved by this outrage please share this with the world! Its TIME to tell the truth!!! HELP Me make this VIRAL so everyone pays attention to the Artist who bring joy to life... I'm about to be 72... IT'S TIME!!!

Lester Chambers straight from his Facebook page


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing this issue to the forefront. I’d like to suggest that one very important way to support Lester and other classic American musical treasures is to buy what they are selling now! Lester has assembled a great band, corralled by Baron Chase, and has kicked off an exciting on-line concert series (next one scheduled for March 24th @ 6pm He is still writing great songs, recording CDs and performing. So, go see him, buy his music, purchase tickets to his shows. This is how you can offer ongoing help. Love music? Support a musician. Love Lester? Buy his stuff! Thanks again…. <3