Monday, October 17, 2011

Super Producer Erotic-D Releases New Cd Sleeper Cell


Thats right for those of you who may not know Erotic let me remind you he's the producer of hiphop legend D.O.C. second album Helter Skelter, He's worked with MC Breed, George Clinton and a host of others. And now he's back with his new release Sleeper Cell i don't wanna give it away so go peep the Sleeper Cell intro to understand the concept on why he named it that. This new cd is produced entirely by Erotic and has guess features from Erotic usual suspects like Six 2 from Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 Explosive Song, El Dogg who's Six 2's partner from the legendary DFW Rap Duo Genacide, Money Waters, PiKaHsSo, Tye Diggs, Verse, and the late rap legend M.C. Breed. Get this cd now and support this new record from Erotic-D he's back and he's bringing that Gangsta Funk.

By the way my favorite cuts are Hustlaz Eye, Triflin, Killa Muzik, Tailor Made is DOPE as FOCK id love to hop on PEMiX of that, The Late M.C. Breed is on this cd on a tribute song

CLICK HERE to purchase & Listen to Sleeper Cell Now

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