Thursday, August 04, 2011

Legendary Dallas Rapper D.O.C. Starts His Return To The Top Story By Dallas Observer


Wow when I woke up this morning & saw this DOPE Dallas Observer article by Ben Westhoff on DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) HipHop Legend Tracy Lynn Curry aka The D.O.C. it really made PiKy feel good and the reason being is 1. Im a strong advocate for DFW HipHop History being that im the one who started the DFW HipHop History Facebook Group, The DFW HipHop History Facebook Community Page, & The DFW HipHop History Youtube Channel with Marcellus Suber & Tahiti of AwkQuarius 2. On Monday August 1st 2011 I uploaded my new song & PiDEO entitled "DINNER" which i just so happen to pay homage to the Legendary DFW Rapper D.O.C so that leads me to believe that its time for The D.O.C. to get the respect he deserves for what he's contributed to HipHop music worldwide.

I love moments like this & i must commend Ben Westhof of the Dallas Observer for this story & I hope they continue to help me tell the world the story on important figures in DFW HipHop History like the D.O.C., Mad Flava, Nemesis, Ron C, Six 2, Gugu, King Ashoka, Twisted Black, Genacide, Ushy, Epatomed, Vicious Cycle, PPT, DSR, Play & Skillz, Lil Will, Kottonmouth, Dr. Rock, EZ Eddie D, Bobo Luchiano, GYLO, Uptight, SLUMP, Staryvn Artist Magazine, Mr. Pookie, Mr Lucci, Dallas Scratch, Fresh Ones, Nippy Jones, Bo$S, Coco Budda, Strange Fruit Project, N'Dambi, Erykah Badu, DJ Fish, Stampede Records, Limp Leg, Cowboy, Kimbo, Left Right Shoe Mc's, K-Rock, Wildhair, James Price, Tony Knight, Money Waters, Kabaal, Dorrough, Colby Savage, Que P, The S.L.A.P. Movement, Urban South, Rakoo Nation, Shabazz 3, Mental Chaos, Final Friday, Quick Magazine, K104, 97.9FM, KNON 89.3 Fm, A.Dd+, Dem Southern Folkz, Damaged Good$, AwkQuarius, Wordlife, Metro Muzik, Rakoo Nation, The Co-Op, KinFok Kru, Snoop of Fresh Brothers Inc, Loose Cannons, Blazeone, Dow Jonez, Knes, C-Pone, D-Style, Teleoso, Blowfly, B-Hamp, S1, Native Poets, Bernard Wright, Willie Hutch, DTR, Quint Black, E-Rock, Legendary Fritz, Ghetto Fame Us, Tahiti, Boomtown, Jah Born, Rc Williams, Claudia Melton, Jeff Liles, Rappin Nookie, Hiphop Gangstaz, Doc Funk, Curly, Deshay, Ricki Rincon, Rod Kirkpatrick, Poor Vida, MC Astro, Playdough, Sivion, Norby, Productz, Redrumm Recordz, Big Wheel, Dallaspeeps, Powerhouze, Party Chaser, Deville, Mic Moodswing & Psycho, K Cold, Romio No E, Ch0, Boogieman, AbnuBus, P-Nut, Skip Murphy & The Morning Team, Bink, TDK, Billy Bowels, Madukwu Chinwah, Mr. Blues, DJ Drop, KiKi J, Headkrack, Keynote, Travii, Majuan, YUMS, MYK, David Hand, Big Pharoah, Smooth Vega, Scorpio, Velisa Crayton, Frances Jaye, Guerillamilk & Brooke Lovejones, Dru B Shin, Anonymous Culture, Killa Mc, J.Quest, Erotic D, D-Crew, Devo X, Pimpsta, Oakcliff Assassin, Big Chief, Jive Turkeys, Vigilante, Clever Monkeys, Rob Viktum, Verbal Seed, Tafariyah, The TIC, La Royce, Rob FREE, Bavu Blakes, Attitude, Kevin Alexander, Mixmaster Jeff, Sons Of Soul, Cream Team Records, Willie Fresh, Jazzmind, C- Dogg, Throwdown Sam, Greg Street, Buhmble Bee, Whiz T, Jay Clipp, DJ M Knight, Latin Embassy, Agressor, Kabaal, Phazz, Bink, Young Muhammad, Philly Station, Jurah, ReQ Daily, Saahir, Kasaar The Star, VK, Choc Lit Sit E Hustlers, and so many more who names i cant mention cause id be typing for ever but who have all contributed to this lovely DFW HipHop History in some shape form or fashion.

PiKy allen Poe Of PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks, Fat Albert N. The Hood, AwkQuarius & DFW Hiphop History Enjoy the article written by Ben Westhoff of the Dallas Observer

In the late '80s D.O.C. was recruited to Southern California by Dr. Dre from his childhood home of Dallas. Shortly thereafter, the Texas-bred wunderkind helped bring gangsta rap to the mainstream, ghostwriting large portions of the biggest West Coast classics, starting with Straight Outta Compton. He gave voice to the volatile-yet-comedic character of Eazy-E, and helped define the personas of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. What the MCs who used his words admired about him was not just his rhymes, but his ability to mold ideas and fragments into memorable songs.

"He showed me how to take the greatness out of the words, and combine that into a verse, a hook, a bridge," Snoop told English radio personalityTim Westwood recently.
D.O.C.'s 1989 solo debut, No One Can Do It Better, was expected to make him a star like his collaborators. Featuring his nimble, aggressive-yet-warm chops, it's considered one of the best rap debuts of all time, and Jay-Z cites it as a profound influence. But while driving home drunk and high from a video shoot for a song from the album, he fell asleep and slammed into a tree, hitting it with his face.
"I had so much in my system that they couldn't  PiK HERE To read the rest of this Story on The D.O.C. Courtesy of The Dallas Observer Ben Westhoff 

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