Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers Video


Man i've really become a fan of these dudes every since i seen them on the MTV RapFix BLOG about a month ago im like thats what im talking bout Hiphop cats who buck the system and do whatever the hell they wanna do. I hope that these trendy music industry culture bandits dont try and make them all mainstream and watered down i like them just the way they are I find it to be very entertaining. Because lately i've grown bored of the hiphop they are force feeding the people these days and its good to see some crazy different stuff. We need more young cats pushing the envelope being different but dope. Odd Future is dope to me no matter how raw they're lyrics are i just take it for what it is some young artist expressing themselves however they want to and they do have that right. And if you havent heard Sweatshirt Earl Spit you are really sleeping him being 16 has some of the illest rhyme patterns that you would ever hear.

Big ups to whomever directed this video the barstool vibrating to the bass is DOPE

Get Goblin when it comes out

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