Wednesday, March 09, 2011

PanYe Zest "ShOwEr" A KanYe West pOwEr Parody by @PiKaHsSo 2011

Share This is the begining of Weirdo Wednesdays & im starting it off by releasing to the world something i started on in September 7th 2010 and just now got done you have no idea how complex trying to do a Parody of the KanYe West POWER video was my God I give that director much props. But better late than never iPresent to you PanYe Zest SHOWER the KanYe West POWER Video brought to you by the minds that brung you Fat Albert N The Hood, PPT, AwkQuarius, WhackHistory Month PiKaHsSo & Tahiti Enjoy + The Lyrics are below this beat was produced by S1 Of the Strange Fruit Project.

Now this is a story that i must tell
Bout a Stinky Verbadelycks Who Always Smell
His Name Is PiKaHsSo For Short They Call Him P
He Didnt Like To Shower & It Wudnt Hard To See

I'm livin' with the really worst scent to me. *

Onions with some beans to it *

Smelling much worser than rotten eggs & spleen eww it *
Pungent to my nostrils garlic with chlorine to it. *

I Guess every funky weirdo need his clean music *

No blackman should go without a shower. *

My arms kickin', I have'nt washed in hours *
Ankles ashy like they were dipped in flour. *

(It's The Worst Thing Smells like shitman) *

My shower broken, the pools closed, You think im joking *

To wash my ass i refuse, I need to be holdin' *

(((BOING)))? a towel and some soapin' *

I dislike when girls say im smelly so when *

I dont smell right world, better clog your nose in *
Think i just might Earl, if i dont scrub scrodem' *

Huh? my girl dont wanna holdem' *

I Use Glade so much, dont need yo comb mints (comments word) *

No blackman should go without a shower *

My Arms kicking, I have'nt washed in hours *

Ankles ashey like they were dipped in flour *

Until then, Yuck that, i'll smell sour *

PiKaHsSo Stink (Hell Yeah) *

PiKaHsSo Stink *
PiKaHsSo Stink (Hell Yeah)*
PiKaHsSo Stink *
PiKaHsSo Stink (Hell Yeah) *
PiKaHsSo Stink *
It's The Worst Thing Smells like Shit man *

Broadcating LIVE From Dallas, Tejas

2011 WhackPiKtures / Intellectual Idiots 2170 AwkQuarius Ave. Dallas, Tejas 75201
Editing & EFX By PiKaHsSo & Tahiti GraPiKs by PiKaHsSo Additional GraPiKs by Chirp
All Vocals, Engineering & Mixing by PiKaHsSo @BrainPhunk. Do Whatever You Want with this we don't care just share.

Special Thanks to Nicki Minaj, Halle Berry, Gabriel Union, Oprah Winfrey, Buffy The Body, Florida Evans, Mary J Blige, Trina, Tahiry, Zest Soap & The Old Spice Deodorant Man

This Message Will Self Destruct
PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous Verbadelycks

September 7th 2010 - Continued writting on this on March 3rd 2011 @ 7:00pm
Recordind process started @ 11:38pm March 3rd 2011 thru 3:01am March 4th 2011
project completed on Wednesday March 9th 2011 12:26am
Placed online Wednesday March 9th 2011 @ 2:03am


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