Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Nappy Birthday DJ Fish The 50 Year Old Rap By PiKaHsSo & The Fabulous VerbaDelycks

Share This is a Birthday Gift To my boy Mark Roberts Aka DJ Fish Sorry im just now uploading it but it took a long time to do this Nappy Birthday God has blessed you with 50 Years on this planet may he bless you to have many more.

DJ Fish born March 2nd 1961

This song is 50 Seconds with 1 to grow on

Below are the words incase u cant comprehend all of them

1:10am - 3:33pm

Today DJ Fish is 50 years old
Man i Understand You Bout To Lose Control

I Thank God For Giving you your soul
A True O.G. Who will Never Ever Fold

And this is how your story goes

You Are Crazy
Runnin havin Funnin

Understand you're the man
Top gunnin

Blessed to be alive
Remember you DJing @ Lakeside

Good times you provide
Kicking It Flicking It

Allow me to speak
You Got 2 Children Calvin & MoniQue

Weak never Your spirit is FREE
USe to be on Dirty South Block Party

It hurts me is yo favorite thing to say
Mark Roberts DJ FIsh have a Nappy Birthday


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