Saturday, March 05, 2011

Curl Premiere Jurah Jahveh Of Epatomed - Poverty Blues (Have You Ever Been Broke) video

I got to say congrats to Jurah for putting out this video its dope and i love the message of speaking on not having money, poverty, homelessness, and the struggle of just being a normal human in todays society. And for those who don't know Jurah he is one of the members of the Epatomed movement and he comes from the Fort Worth Section of the DFW Metroplex I know Saahir looking down from heaven & he's proud

Black God Music Presents Jurah Jahveh - Poverty Blues
Directed and Produced by www.EKPPICTURES.COM
For More information visit

This is a Memoriam for Saahir of Epatomed

This is a Throwback Epatomed Joint - Positive Charge

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