Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breaking News Wyclef Shot In Haiti


There are reports that Wyclef Jean was shot during a presidential campaign in Haiti, but he’s stable in the hospital. Read the full story after the jump…
(DefendHT)–Distressing reports came in at 12:00am, election day, March 20th 2011, that hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean had been shot and was at a hospital seeking treatment.
News reports claim that Wyclef was passing through Delmas #65 in Port-au-Prince when a hail of gunfire was showered into the car. Jean was in the car with Busta Rhymes, Jimmy Rosemond and other members of his entourage. No other passengers in the vehicle were injured.
The injury was inflicted to Wyclef Jean’s right hand. The same hand that made him a star as a guitar playing revolutionary of hip-hop.
Haiti is set to vote in its presidential runoff on this day and this event only adds to the dramatic circumstances of the tiny island. On Saturday, the formerly exiled President Jean Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti, stirring up much speculation ahead of the elections.

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