Tuesday, January 04, 2011

PiKaHsSo - KunTree Skills (((BrainPhunkNo))) Produced by Ch0 2011


http://www.pikahsso.com Simply put i did this to let the world know i may be KunTree but i got skills. Someone actually described me like that on tour in Seattle they said you're a country but u got skills.

1:30:pm January 3rd 2011 stopped writting & recording @ 2:55pm

Call me Camaro cause i Rock
Like Charles Dutton im a G because i shock

Im creator of this kinda rhyme
Some people think i lost my fuckin mind

Im Genuine its time to incline
Like im Calvin did u get that line

I am the master no one thinks faster
Natural Disaster and im past my prime

Ugly motherfucker whos 5 ft 9
Waited to late someone took my shine

Yeah it kinda suck i dont give a fuck
If im phose to stop will u show a signs

Negative bitter cause i was born to be
The Weirdest motherfucker that u will ever see.

Never scared to admit im never gonna get it
But ill never give it up so u gotta fuck with me

I'll never keep a woman cause a brother never change
Behind a nigga back people call me strange

But i look inside they eyes and see the fuckin lies
Them the ones i despise they can suck upon my pee

I never give a shit about these fake ass hoes
Sneaky motherfuckers keep me on my toes

Fucking all Pikahsso Phony Fake Ass Friends
Oh God Will You make this damn shit end

I Can show you people u wrong
I will take that mic and sing a song.

You know i will when i know know ya aint
Wacka that mic & go hard up in the paint

Im rippin this bitch till it starts to stank
Call me the captain u walk the plank

Feel this base when it hits ya face like Tom Need Myspace

Chase me to bank.

January 4th 2011 12:32am DONE record

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