Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Marsha Ambrosius Covers Teena Marie's 'Yes Indeed' in London


Photo of Marsha taken by DJ M. Knight

I love Teena Maries eyes

wow i love how Marsha Voices connects with her backgrounds it reminds me of a verbal highway mixmaster where all the vocals are on different freeways and lanes and meet up on one main path in the middle and cruise smoothly in your ears at the right and exact time. Marsha is a genius and im disapointed I didnt get a chance to see her while she performed in Dallas a few weeks ago courtesy of my homegirl Velisa Crayton, Shawn Henderson, & Viz they go by the Brown Sugar Suite. But she did this cover of Teena Marie and it's beautiful and im not gone front i saw it on i never believe in plagerism and i wanted to share it with yall. Rest In Peace Teena still wrapping my mind around such an important figure in the music world no longer being with us. Tell Rick I said hi we are both born on February 1st


Video Courtesy of Soul Culture

The Original Teena Marie Yes Indeed song

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