Friday, December 03, 2010

Lebron's Ex Cav Mates Treated Him Like SHAT Assistant Said Shut The FOCK Up


wow and Lebron was trying to be cool with them man no wonder he left them are some sour ass bitter dudes wow man if they would have done me like that I would have told them to kiss the darkest parts of my ass. Watch both of these videos and share them tweet them and peep the other articles on this BLOG its some cool stuff on here

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1 comment:

christexaport said...

I don't blame them. They had the best record in the league, and he left to play for a mediocre team when he could've recruited players to come to Cleveland. He's a punk. I didn't see him talking to his teammates when he left. No one even knew. They dedicated themselves to playing for HIM, and he bailed. Now he's the enemy, so its on. I'm glad they didn't try to act cool, cause HE AIN'T! Why you think he didn't know whey would be mad at him? Because he hasn't even talked to them all season.