Monday, December 27, 2010

The Day After - Faces Of Death PiKaHsSo's 1st Rap video produced by PoindeXter 1992

Yall better not laugh lol i did tho lol hey man had to start somewhere not till talking to one of my best friends James Shepherd did I realize what I had done I had shot mt 1st music video years ago when I was super young he said PiKaHsSo you've always been before your time as far as Dallas hiphop is concerned so i thought yeah man this is my 1st video not my 1st song trust me i got tons before this. Im thankful to God that alot of my early hiphop years was documented not all of them and alot of the tapes got lost or destroyed but i still have a few gems. This was a group I was in called the Day After i named it that because I was inspired by the Movie The Day After which was about the Aftermath of what would happen if the world had a nuclear bomb attack. I compared it to what I would do to emcees after stepping to me so this song is called Faces Of Death "The AfterMath" cause we was stating that we would be giving emcees the Faces Of Death. Yeah i know its cocky but hey thats what hiphop was about back then skills. And although im a way better artist now I dont regret this goofy moments not one bit. And if you look at the video i left a lil footage at the end of me, James Shepherd of Eargazum, Delon Crawford aka Poindexter, Jay with the step stair box cut and Joey Belson clowning in Poindexters Grandmama's backyard right after we shot the video. We had a show later on that night at one of the premiere spots for underground hiphop in Dallas club Tropical Exodus on Crowdus street anybody who was somebody back then rocked on that stage it's legendary glad I had several chances to grace it.

The Group The Day After: Picasso Smoothe & Ashad Lover

Video Directed by
Delon Crawford aka Poindexter one of my 1st producers that we learned the art of sampling together man thats back when we use to get our fingers dusty.

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