Thursday, December 02, 2010

Curl Premiere J. Rhodes "Hello" Video @J_Rhodes


I know i've said it before that I hate making comparisons but in this case its a comparsion that i can relate to J. Rhodes is a cool dude, on his grind, networking and prolific. When I hear his voice he reminds me of Texas underground rap legend Bavu Blakes they have that articulate southern drawl with baritone flow. This video is clean and sharp and I promise you once you hear the song u will be singing it in your head all day its really catchy and familiar im not gone tell you what it is u got to watch the video and find out for yourselves. Support DOPE DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Hiphop. Follow j.Rhodes on Twitter

PS im loving the MPC part of the video thats dope so remember when other videos do that u saw it 1st from J.Rhodes well i saw it 1st from J.Rhodes and havent seen nobody put they video inside of a MPC.


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