Friday, November 19, 2010

Help Easy Eddie D 89.3 Stay On The Air This is Extremely Important Take Heed


Serious business everyone. This coming Saturday is the 2nd week of pledge drive for all shows. There is ONE hip hop show on KNON, Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught Vol 2. Well, without pledges there will be NO HIP HOP SHOWS ON KNON. That means no outlet for local hip hop artists in the DFW, and less exposure for the hip hop family abroad.

In this year alone we've seen 2 hip hop mainstays fall under the gauntlet with Fat Beats closing its US retail locations and Squeeze Radio ending transmission.

Unofficially, EZ Eddie D( Eddie Murphy) holds the 2nd longest running underground hip hop radio show in the world. A show of this magnitude should not be riding the lines of cancellation due to lack of support. Eddie D has served as a launchpad for many artists in the DFW and has introduced many of us to artists and ideologies that we may have never heard anywhere else.

With that said, throughout this week continuing through the end of Saturday's show at 7PM(CST), go to the to KNON site at the beginning of this post and make a pledge. You can come visit the station and pledge in person during Saturday's show or call in and make a pledge. Feel free to copy this post in your own timeline(yeah, it's kind of long)

 We need volunteers to answer phones during pledge drive tomorrow. Holla or just show up at 5p. 5353 Maple Ave Dallas, TX 75235

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