Saturday, October 09, 2010

@KanyeWest Speaks From His Movie Premiere Of Runaway In Paris

I got to give it up to Ye on the level of creativity thats exactly what Hiphop needs with him and others like him raising the bar. Hiphop will grow in ways minds could never fathom. Once again I got this off the reason why I say where I got stuff from is thats what hiphop doesnt do its full of plagerism and people not giving credits so alot of times the things i get on here ill see someone talking about it on twitter, ill run into online @,,,, On Facebook where ever and i just believe in giving credit where its due no matter how big or small. Anyway back on subject im really looking forward to seeing this Kanye West film I got a feeling it's gone be epic. And oh yes im not a writer im a hiphop artist who has a devout love for the art so i like to shed light on things in music that stimulates my mind. No matter how weird, ghetto, or odd it may be.

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PS Kanye Keep bringing that art to the hiphop artform


Kanye West - Runaway - Video FROM PARIS
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Kanye West POWER Video produced by S1 aka Symbolyc One from Waco / Dallas Texas

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