Friday, July 25, 2008

A Very Candid Sad Interview With J Dilla's Mother "Ma Dukes"


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We heard Ma Duke's would be doing an interview to follow up the recent article from the LA Weekly which we covered in our entry J Dilla Estate Suffers: Attack On Bootleggers. It was just published today and in it Ms. Yancey reveals her current estrangement with the executors of the Dilla estate. Hit up the LA Weekly site for Jeff Weiss' An Interview with J Dilla's Mother, Ms. Maureen Yancey or click the read more for the full swipe.

JW: In the original article, some comments from Dilla’s estate’s executors made you take pause. What were they and what sort of problems have you had with the estate?

MY: I understand the side [estate executor] Arty Erk’s coming from and what he’s trying to do. However, there has been no communication between them and the family in a year. The only time I hear a peep is if there are some propositions between attorney’s going to court. That’s the only time I’m made aware of things.

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